Una combinación de este gestor de ventanas junto con la distribución de GNU/Linux openSUSE (está en inglés pero muy fácil de seguir)

⌨ Labor omnia vincit ☮

Fluxbox is a highly-configurable window manager for the X Window System that was based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. It has full of features to make an easy, and extremely fast, desktop experience.

Fluxbox requires less time for booting and uses considerably fewer system resources than, for example, KDE or GNOME. This suited for situations where system resources, especially memory, are very limited. I use Fluxbox on my ASUS EeePC 701: 900 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM and yes – only 4 Gb HDD :/

Installation openSUSE

If you want to have/install a new openSUSE with Fluxbox only, hit the «Other» button at the «Desktop Selection» screen and choose either Minimal X Window. It will install the base system, plus the X Window server with basic desktop environment – TWM.

Of course, If you want more control, then take the second text-mode option. In this case you will…

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