Are you an extremist? Be proud of it!


click on me (CC-by-sa)

Do you care about privacy in internet? do you care about neutral net? Are you interesting about TOR? Are you interesting GNU/Linux? Do you read blogs and webs about this stuff? Then for NSA you are an extremist. Say it high and clear, and be proud of it!!

Maybe last weeks you have read about this. For the NSA if you are interesting in privacy or GNU/Linux, and you visit and read webs about this, like LinuxJournal, then you are an extremist. And The NSA’s boys will put you under focus.

Well say high and clear! YES I’m an extremist! I use free software, I care about freedom in my PC, and in internet! I don’t want to see your nose in my mails, and in my life! And I’m proud of it!

You can download and use the image above! and if you want the .svg file just send me a mail and I will send you it back!

Make a T-Shirt, make stickers for your PC, use it as avatar, or in your mails… what ever you want! It’s free (as in freedom and as in free beer!)

And hey If you make T-shirts or stickers just send me one!! 😉

Remember: Have a lot of fun, damn extremists!! 😉


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