Install #openSUSE on a #Pinephone device

If the question is, ‘Can you install GNU/Linux on a phone?,’ the answer is yes. It is possible to install and enjoy openSUSE on a Pinephone.

This is a english translation provided by a follower of this blog (thanks a lot Tim) of an spanish article I published days ago and you can find here.

If you are a regular or occasional reader of this blog, I assume you have an interest (perhaps a passion) for GNU/Linux, free software and hardware, and are interested in using this OS in as many devices as possible.

Perhaps you haven’t yet managed to install it on your smartphone, but probably not for lack of desire! The solution is getting closer. First there was Ubuntu Touch, followed by UB Ports.

It is difficult to find compatible hardware, but Pine64’s Pinephone terminals offer hackers a device that can function with many GNU/Linux distributions.

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